Sunday, November 15, 2009

got to love it...

It's hard to believe that it is actually mid 60's and so beautiful outside. Lighty worked outside today while I prepared supper for us and played on the computer and did the laundry.

Yesterday was so nice and relaxing. I went to my LSS and cropped for the day and into the evening. I actually was able to complete four LO's. It was a different atmosphere as the usual croppers were missing. That was fine by me as I made some new friends and actually got a lot accomplished. I didn't make it to the end because I was so tired. I was home by nine, unpacked and in bed within the half hour.

So, it's Sunday and I have the blues. I sure hope the work week goes by quickly. I would like to clean the house next weekend and start decorating for the holiday season.

Here's to a quick work week and Sheetz having their vanilla spiced chai back for sale!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

new site

As I was surfing the web one night, I found this wonderful site full of inspiration. It's called Sketchabilities and it's just full of talent. When my mojo just isn't doing anything for me, I turn to sketches. They are a great starting place for a LO. Sometimes my LO may look a little like the original sketch or most times it takes on a completely different look. Well anyway, they are looking for a new DT. I think I am going to send in my application. I just love their sketches. I would love to be a part of their team.

The LO is a sketch taken from Do go and check the site out. It looks like fun.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I need a vacation...

So, I decided I need a vacation. School is stressful. Lighty is working so much and is in the woods when he can find the time. The prince will soon be home for a break (and I so dread it). Chris is so sweet but my nerves have had enough of his slowness for right now. Lighty really dislikes any type of vacation unless it is nature oriented. I just want to have FUN. So, what better place to go than DISNEY. I am taking my mom and sister to Disney World in February for a week. We are going to see shows and parades, ride some rides and have a nice dinner every night. I am like a kid in a candy store. I can hardly wait. It should be a good time. Now, I am not a Disney freak, but what other place can a person go and just have FUN? So, that is what I did all weekend long...worked on our plans. We are staying at the Carribean Beach Resort, I got us a six day hopper pass, the dining plan and made all our dinner reservations and even booked our flight. We are good to go! So, my friends, I had good intentions to scrap this weekend, but instead, I had a magical weekend making reservations to go and see the mouse.

Here's to my Sunday night blues.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

the weekly Sunday night post

Sunday night AGAIN and I have the blues AGAIN. We received a message on our voicemail Friday that our electricity will be shut off tomorrow so they can finally fix the line in our development. It has been an ongoing thing. We never know when we will be without power. This means no shower, no toilet and bedhead hair for the day. I plan to wake up extra early tomorrow in hopes that I can beat the shut off time.

It was a relaxing weekend. I didn't do much except the usual house stuff and laundry. Today I cooked off a pumpkin and then made homemade chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. I must say the house smelled good this afternoon.

I sure hope this week goes by quickly. I am tired of school right now, but it seems that most of the teachers are feeling this way. I think the district put way too much on our plates this year. I just wish I could get out of this funk.

So, here's to having electricity in the morning and a brisk, fall day without rain!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I just don't know...

one step forward and two steps back...that's the story. Off to get ready for work. I am ready for the weekend. Heck, I am ready for summer vacation.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

four days...

I just got back from four days at a SB retreat house. It was so nice to leave my worries and responsibilities at home and just scrap, laugh and have fun. I was finally able to finish the land part of our Alaska trip this past summer as well as a mini album for my niece and a random LO called snake busters. I was quite happy with this LO as it was the first time I actually sewed on a LO...thanks to LOTS of help from a friend.

Now it's back to day two of reality...WORK. I can't wait until April until I get to do it all again.

Here's to's finally here.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I cannot believe it's been forever and ever since I last updated this blog. I guess it's time for an update. Life is busy, school is super busy and I am busy. There is not much new with me, same old stuff, just a different day. I am looking forward to a three day weekend. And then, two days of work and I am off for four days of fun scrapbooking...I am so looking forward to it. And you know what? I really don't care how many layouts I complete...just can't wait for four days of NO RESPONSIBILITIES! So, I am trying to get all the house stuff done tonight so I can enjoy my three day weekend. Adios, Amigos!

Here's to colorful leaves and apple cider!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

another week gone by...

Well, week three down and it was hectic. Parent's night is under my belt and now it's on to GIEP's. I have two this week and then I need to schedule two more for revisions. I love my job, but I really dislike writing GIEP's. Now that I think about it, I don't dislike writing the GIEP, I dislike the forms...with the way technology is today, one would think the forms would work. Geesh, it takes me longer to make the form look professional than it does to write the GIEP. I just need to get through the week and then I am golden. Thursday's meeting will be the tough one. Say a prayer for me and wish me well.

Saturday was a fun day. I spent it at my LSS cropping from 8AM-10PM. I worked all day long on my Alaska album. I am getting closer to finishing, but not near done! To tell you the truth, I am not tired of the Alaska photos, but I am tired of trying to find paper to match the photos. It was great to see friends and just connect and laugh.

Today was the usual...groceries and laundry. Lighty ended up going for a long bike ride today to see his prince and buddy. No need for me to go with him. So, I didn't make the trek to Bloomsburg. No love loss there...and believe me, I am so not wanting the prince to come home for his Thanksgiving break. It's been just too peaceful here at the house.

So now it's off to prepare supper and then a full night's worth of GIEP writing and schoolwork. Have I said it often enough "I really dislike Sunday nights."

Here's to a smoothe night of writing goals, plenty of glasses of iced tea, and lots of breaks for my sanity.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Night Blues

Well, it's my Sunday night post...least favorite time of the week. I had a good weekend. I made more many tomatoes from the garden and I didn't want to have to throw them out or have them go bad on me. I also made another batch of fresh salsa. I love having this for my lunch. Nothing better than a little bit of salsa, some scoops, and vanilla yogurt with some granola. I am trying to eat a little bit healthier for lunch this year.
I also was able to do a little bit of shopping this weekend too. I scored some pants that were on sale, a very cool jacket, a few tanks (I love me some tanks and wear them all year long), a great sale at Vicky's (had to stock up on my lotion, body spray and shower gel), and bought a new cool belt and purse. Retail therapy is always good for the soul!

So, here's to a new work week and hoping it goes by fast.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the end...

The end of a work week is soon here and it will be time to celebrate. Do you see me doing the happy dance? I don't have much planned this weekend except to get caught up on laundry and to make some more fresh salsa. Our tomato plants will soon be gone so I have to enjoy the freshness while I can. I should also dispose of the plants that are dieing a slow death around the outside of the house. I also hope to scrap the weekend away. I am slowly making a dent in our Alaska album. I guess that is why I don't have much to show you in LO's. I do have a LO that I did about a week or so ago. It is a photo from last summer...catching a locust escaping from its shell. So cool.

Here's to Nyquil, Mucinex and a Vick's Inhaler!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


It's hard to believe that the weekend is just about over. I was up way too early today. I started my tomato sauce and it is still simmering...until it is all said and done, I will have about fifteen quarts. I will know tonight if it's a hit or not as we are having pasta for supper.

I also went over to my sister Kathy's house later in the morning. She had her grandson Aiden for the night. So, off I went to do a mini photo shoot of the two of them. I tell you, Aiden is such a ham and at that adorable and precious age. He is turning one this week and so darn cute. I just love my little nephew.

It's been calm here at the house. The prince is back at college and that is a nice feeling. The tension has lifted, the bellyaches are gone, but still working on cohesion. HEALING takes a LONG time. It's a process.

Tomorrow, the kiddos are back to school and I am in full teacher swing. It's back to a schedule, packed lunches and no naps. I sure am going to miss my afternoon naptime.

Here's to the rest of the week of having beautiful weather and finally, fresh air in the house!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The last two days I was at inservice. They were long and boring days. Now mind you, I know it's time to get back to school and a routine, but at least have me go to inservice where the sessions have something to do with my teaching assignment. Needless to say, it was a wasted two days! So, tomorrow is my first official day of school. 183 more days to go...

Here's to a good night's sleep.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

just sketchy...

new LO and new sketch site...I just found this really cool website that is devoted to card sketches. Since I am in LO mode right now, I am going to use their card sketches and interpret them for LO's. I missed the deadline for their first challenge, but better late than never. Check the site out at

So it's Saturday. I was up early this morning. I made tons of stuffed peppers for the freezer and a huge container of fresh salsa. It took me all morning but well worth it. I am ready to relax for the remainder of the day. I am hoping to scrap this evening because it will keep me out of trouble!

Here's to a relaxing evening and a cool refreshing glass of iced tea!

Friday, August 21, 2009

it's here...

Well, it's the last weekend before school starts for another year. I spent the day scrapping with Aymee. We decided to join forces and crop again because it might be awhile until we get together for some good old girl time. It was another fun day. I was able to complete one LO and got a good start on another LO. My Alaska photos are on hold for a while...just need time to scrap for me right now. I will post tomorrow when I can photograph my LO in the natural light.

The prince left to go to his GF's house for the weekend. I am doing the happy dance. That means no tension in the house for the next two days. And then, Wednesday he leaves for school. I might even do the happy dance naked! LOL There will be no tears shed at this house. He has not done one bit of preparation for school. And you know what? I DON'T CARE! I can hardly wait for him to leave. I guess he has been too busy laying across the bed watching cartoons.

Here's to a cooking kind of day tomorrow: stuffed peppers for the freezer and homemade fresh salsa.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm back...

Yesterday was a good day. One of my good friends Aymee came to my house and we scrapped the day away. It was so good to reconnect and have some good ole girl time. I think it was just what the doctor ordered. It certainly got my mind off of things. I just wish she lived closer. I only completed one LO and it actually was a scraplift of one of her LO's. That girl sure has some major talent! Thanks Aymee for a great day!

Here's to running errands for the rest of the morning and standing up for yourself!

Monday, August 17, 2009

6 days...

but who is counting? It is hard to believe that I only have six days left of my summer vacation. Where did the time go? I have been frantically preparing my classroom for another school year. I am still not done. I like to get everything
DONE so I am ahead of the game. Once school starts, it seems like there are ALWAYS small tasks that need to be completed. Once August 26th rolls around, I will be starting the countdown until the next summer vacation. LOL It just seems that the older I get, the more difficult it is to return back to school.

This Wednesday my good friend Aymee is coming to my house to scrap for the day. I am so ready for some girl time. We sure have fun when we are together. We share, we laugh, we eat, we crop and we vent. We are like two peas in a pod.

Here's to getting rid of that frog that has been hanging around our pond. I know he is looking to eat our baby fishies.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

quick one

This is just a quick LO put together for a kit at my LSS. Photos were from a trip to Maine last summer. Enjoy...

Here's to air conditioning!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happiness is a good friend... of my good friends, Aymee is coming over tomorrow to scrap the day away. We have lots to talk about, laugh about and share about...I am so looking forward to tomorrow and some girl time. It's so tough when you live in a house of men and testosterone.

Here's to hoping there is no rain so the "Prince" is at work tomorrow!

ETA: no scrapping tomorrow but instead, we are going to do some scrappy retail therapy. I think it's a good plan!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I can't stand him! He sure knows how to ruin a nice day and put a damper on family dynamics. It may be time for me to move on...I am so sad. My heart aches. Yes, my friends...I am speaking about my stepson, Julian. Eight years of pain and emotional drain. Is it time?

Saturday, July 18, 2009


MAJOR computer issues going on but I am now back...
Last weekend was fun! I actually went to a SB weekend for four days and three nights. I was able to complete fourteen LO's. That is a record for me. I worked all weekend long on ALASKA. It was so nice to have no responsibilities for the entire weekend. However, on my way there, I decided to stop at my local library. I got caught in a speed trap. miles over the speed limit and $151.50 later and I was on my way. Needless to say, I was a little p***ed off. I have no problem with a speeding ticket, but do have a problem when they set a trap right where the speed limit changes. And then to boot, they had about ten vehicles pulled over at this church. The "young" officers thought it was funny...laughing, smiling. That is what irked me. Their whole attitude about it! Anyway, I promise this week I will upload a few photos from ALASKA...just some beauty.

The eagle photo was taken in Alaska without a zoom lens. More about the eagle later...this LO was just a quick one...wanting to see how the photo would enlarge to a 5 x 7. I definitely want to do a special LO about our experience at Deep Creek and all the eagles that we saw up close and personal. It was such a neat experience and one that I will treasure...a highlight of our trip.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm back from Alaska and my SB convention. I will save the adventures of our journey about Alaska for another post when I have time to upload photos. For now, my June DT reveal.
Ciao, my friends.

Here's to a good night's sleep!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

on vacation...

Over and out...I will see you all after June to see the beautiful state of Alaska.

last minute

Tomorrow we head out to Alaska. I am excited, but yet know that today is my "last minute" day to finalize everything. Why is there always so much to do to get ready for a vacation? I guess I put that kind of pressure on myself.

On my list today: manicure and pedicure, clean and organize my purse, boy's list, cosmetic bag, clean the refrigerator, and scrapbook, LOL. Actually, I am in pretty good shape, so hopefully tonight I can relax a little bit.

Enjoy this rainy day.
Here's to fresh strawberry shortcake and bright pink nails.

Monday, June 8, 2009

creative Friday

Friday was a blast! Aymee and her mom, Carol came to my house and we cropped all day and night. It was so nice to finally meet Carol. Carol is Aymee's mom and from Alabama and a fellow educator. I am so glad she is my friend. What a great person! Hi Carol! Hi Aymee! Thanks Aymee for sharing your mom for the day. I was able to complete two LO's and two cards. Actually, Carol and I made the same two cards. Thanks for the perfect ribbon.

This first LO is of Aiden. I fianlly learned how to make paper pleats, thanks to Aymee. I am sure I will be using this technique on many more of my LO's. And, all paper was from my stash. I just love that I am using up all my scraps of paper.

This LO is of Chris and Jules. I think this might be the only picture I have of the three of us. There are two tags that I have hidden relationship to the two of them. Again, I used my stash for this LO.

I just love using my Cricut!

Well, we packed and repacked last night for our upcoming trip this Wednesday to Alaska. It is so difficult to pack for a place that has extreme climate temperatures and to also pack for land and a cruise. Well, after discussing it again this morning, we are going to repack and downsize AGAIN tonight. I really do not like getting ready for an extended vacation. There is so much to do, but I know it will be all worth it.

Here's to Alaska, good times, lots of moose, bears and beautiful scenery!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sing it...

"School's out for summer!" Yes, my summer vacation officially started today at noon...and yes, I was singing that Alice Cooper tune the entire ride home from school today.

Here's to not having the alarm clock set for 5:30AM for the next 88 days.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

last sign-in Sunday...

before summer vacation...can you tell I am super duper excited to be done with school? I had a great year with the kids, but I think as I get older and wiser, I just enjoy my summer break more and more. I guess it doesn't help that I leave for Alaska one week after we leave out of school, and I have been planning this trip for almost ten months?

It was a relaxing weekend, but I do need to kick my butt in gear and get the house cleaned, get organized for Alaska (you know, all those errands one must do to get ready for a trip), and of course, do some scrapbooking with my good friend Aymee. I am excited for this coming Friday as she is coming to my house to crop the day away with me. I will also get to meet her mom, Carol. I am also excited about this, too. Carol is a teacher so I am sure we will have lots to talk about, especially comparing notes about state testing and curriculum.

So, the weekend has come to an end. I am not complaining this Sunday night. I have three half days of school this to love it!

Here's to summer vacations and a short work week.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

just some new LO's

Last weekend, the family went to our cabin in Slate Run. They spent the time canoeing, hiking, walking, hunting, shooting, tubing and I spent the time just chilling and scrapbooking. I just needed time to relax and destress from school.

Here's to half days of school and fresh strawberries!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

another DT reveal

Do you remember back in late March when I posted about hatching chick eggs? Well, I made a LO about it for my DT at sketch addicts. The kids at school are still talking about it.

Not much new happening...although I am happy to announce that I have only twelve more days of school until summer vacation and then I will be in countdown mode for our Alaska trip.

Enjoy the weekend and the sunshine.

Here's to new koi fish and unexpected phonecalls.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol

Tonight is elimination night on American Idol. I know, I am such a dork, but I love AI. Are you a fan? Who do you like? I am a big Adam lover. He is definitely a cut above the rest. Go Adam...

Here's to all the Adam Lambert fans out there!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Imagine taking all weekend to create a one page LO. And, it was an easy one to boot! Anyway, I had an enjoyable weekend. Lighty and Chris treated me to breakfast for Mother's Day. The boys got me flip flops from Old Navy and Jules is going to buy me a fish of my choice for the pond. Chris helped me plant flowers on Saturday. I just had an all around good weekend. I think it was one of the best weekends in such a long time...relaxing, fun, and low stress.

Here's to migraine free days and lots of sunshine!

Monday, May 4, 2009

more from me...

I LOVE this photo that I took of my niece Amanda, her husband Carl and their little boy, Aiden.

I was playing with the settings on my camera. I took this photo of the old oak tree in our backyard. I just love the angle of the tree.

Here's to tired feet and four more days of the work week.

Monday Morning Blues

It's raining and damp and I want to stay home in my jammies all day and SCRAP. I can' off to school I go. How many more days until summer vacation?
So, this past weekend I went to my LSS and did a 24 hour crop...good times, good friends, and no sleep.

This LO is Lighty being a goofball and dork.

This is a new LO but an older photo of my sisters and I at a picnic. I just had to do the skull and crossbones look.

Here's to rainy Monday mornings and orange juice.

Friday, May 1, 2009

24 hours

I'm off to pure fun and laughter and memories for 24 hours... Happy National Scrapbook Day!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

just had to

I had to do a LO of's from our photo shoot this past Saturday. I must say, all the photos got so good! But, this one I just loved. How can you not love a little one with chubby cheeks and sunglasses? And, he thinks he's hot stuff, too.

Here's to five more days of work before the weekend. Perhaps I am feeling a wee bit ill and may have to take a sick day this week. Hmmmm?????

and another Sunday

Where did the weekend go? I can't believe it's Sunday AGAIN! So, yesterday I got out the calendar and counted the days until the end of the school year. I think I am loving the number 28 right now. I am so ready for summer vacation. I can feel it, I can taste it and I can see it. It just needs to get here.

Yesterday I had a good time snapping pictures of my niece and her husband and Aiden. He sure is growing like a weed. I was quite happy with the results and I can't wait to scrapbook some of the photos. We spent an hour or so up at Founder's Hall. It was a great place for a photo shoot.

Two more LO's from my crop from last weekend. I've been on a scrappy roll. My creative muse is back!

Here's to beautiful weather, and a me weekend (I just love when the men are away)!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

holy schmoly

This past weekend I was able to go and crop the weekend away...just what the doctor ordered after such a long week. I am so ready for summer vacation. I think I have a whooping 29 more days of school. Do you see me doing the happy, happy dance?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

another DT reveal

It has been another fun month designing for scrap addict sketches. Please make sure to check out the team's and my layout at:

Well, I have been so sick. I am tired of blowing my nose, having a nasty cold and this congestion is so bad...when will it ever get better? It is now going on a week of being sick. Go away, nasty cold!

Here's to the rainy weather we have been having...the rest of the week is supposed to be beautiful with the high in the 60's and lots of sunshine.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Two more days and counting the hours!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I have three days of school and then I am off on spring break for five days. I am feeling the love!
Here's to chocolate chip banana bread and pink grapefruit!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Sunday

Well, it is NOT a happy Sunday. Those of you that know me well, know that I loathe Sundays from September through May. So, I am in depressed mode right now knowing that the weekend is soon over. It was a good weekend. I guess I should focus on the positive and not dwell on the negative.

Saturday I went to the stamping convention in Allentown with my sister, Kathy. We had an enjoyable day. I didn't purchase one stamp, but did manage to buy a bunch of other items, one being a brand spanking new ATG gun. I do believe I am going to like this new baby even though it will take some time getting used to it. It will defnitely be more cost efficient in the long run.

Today Lighty and I went to the HD dealership and finally found him a leather coat that FITS. It's been a long four months hunting for the perfect leather. I guess you not only have to look good when riding the Harley, but leather will definitely help you if you take a fall and it does help against the cold and wind. I also found me some sunglass goggles. I hope this helps with the wind in my eyes because that feeling is downright miserable.

I also managed to finish two of the LO's that I started when we were at the cabin last weekend. It feels good to finally scrap again.

So, here's to bourbon slushies, chocolate chip ice cream and ATG guns.

Friday, April 3, 2009

long week

Actually, the week went by pretty fast but it's been a long and draining Friday. I don't want to offend anyone here, but did you know that parents can be such enablers? Lighty does this a lot, some parents at school do this. If you are guilty of this, STOP it now. Let children fight their own battles and work things out for themselves. It makes them better individuals.

Enjoy your Friday night and may it be filled with a good dinner and an early bedtime.


The weekend is here. Finally. And to top it off, only 39 more days of school until summer vacation. I am so excited. I love my job, but I love summer vacation so much better.

Hope your day is filled with lots of sunshine and a warm springbreeze.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


21 days ago, I got twelve chick eggs. As of today, all twelve eggs hatched and all chicks are healthy. The kids are so excited. It has been a fun and informative process. I would say we had a very successful hatch. Actually, it is unusual that all eggs hatch and those that do hatch are healthy. Embryology ROCKS!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Just all around happiness today!
May your evening be filled with American Idol, chocolate chip cookies and schoolwork.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Two weeks until spring break, and then it's five days off of school. Do you see me doing the happy dance?

I had paint class tonight. We are working on bees right now. The bee sits on top of a huge sunflower. I think painting a bee is probably one of the most difficult things I have yet to paint. It is so hard to make it look real!

I cannot wait for the weekend. Lighty and I are undecided about going to the cabin. We may both go, he may go, or we just might park our butts here at home and get some things done around the house...err, I might scrap and he might get things done around the house. Isn't that how it works?

Until next time...drink your orange juice, brush your teeth and make your bed.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I should be...

I should be getting my shower, packing my lunch and organizing myself for school. I just can't seem to get motivated this Monday morning. I guess it doesn't help that it is chilly outside...I WANT SPRING WEATHER!

I made this LO this past Saturday. It was an easy one...used my Cricut (Home Accents) to put cuts as overlays on some of the squares. The photo is of my older sister. I snapped this photo at the Philadelphia Flower Show. We sure had a good time that day.

Happy Tuesday..make today a good one!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

birthday weekend...

It was a good weekend...on Friday night, I went out to eat dinner with Lighty, Chris, and UB. We had a good time eating wings and Greek salads. Saturday, I spent the day at a fifteen hour crop at my LSS with my good friend, Wendy. It was fun getting to spend some time with her. We always manage to have a good time when we are together. And Sunday, well everyone knows it is my least favorite day of the week. I finished all the laundry, went for groceries, made two loaves of chocolate chip banana bread, horseradish deviled eggs and also kraut and knockwurst for supper. I also was able to sneak in some time to check out my favorite scrappy sites and do some blog surfing while Lighty worked around the yard getting leaves out of all of our beds and gardens. He even managed to get the pond up and running. I am hoping SPRING is here!

So tonight I am hoping to scrapbook. I have some cards to make and would like to work on a LO for my April design team reveal at Scrap Addict, but I am already yawning. I do need to get a good night's rest as I still have two more days of PSSA tests to administer. PSSA testing is not a fun time.

I did this LO at the crop I attended this past Saturday. Those of you that know me also know the constant battle between Jules and I for the past year. I have done no LO's about him or pertaining to him. I just couldn't make myself do it. Anyway, while he was home for spring break, things between us seemed better. He no longer seemed p***ed off at the world, no longer disrespectful towards me and no longer having mean and angry words to say to me. I really think it is because of his new "girlfriend." She is a kind, so humble, so mature. I just hope his new attitude continues. Perhaps we will make it through the summer.

So let's all wish for warmer weather and lots of sunshine this week.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


So, here it is another Sunday, and another week with no scrappy mojo. I am sitting here with no shower, hair pulled back and just waiting for Lighty to fix the leak he caused while cleaning the coils to our water heater. Now, he tells me it will be a few hours until we have hot water again. He needs to drain the water, soulder the pipes,and blah, blah, blah...WTH??? Doesn't he know I have things to do today? Oh well, all is good.

So, my first reveal as design team for is today. Check it out. I am posting it here too. Play along and let them know Michele sent you. It's a fun site.

Today I am supposed to go and do a photo shoot for my niece, her husband and baby Aiden. We were going to do an outdoor shoot, but it is overcast, so we shall see if the weather changes by noontime. If not, I would like to work on my Philadelphia Flower Show album and plans for our Alaska trip.

I was up early today. I love the early morning hours when all is peaceful and quiet in the TV, no loud music, no conversation...just the birds chirping outside. I folded the wash, made lasagne rollups for supper tonight and did a little bit of enjoyment and relaxation! So here's to a happy Sunday, even if it's without a shower.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

spring training...

I am not an avid baseball fan, BUT, I am rooting for Team Edward.

Oh myself a new photo printer. It's a gem, and I am in love. Perhaps now I can start scrapping again as I was lost without my photo printer when it bit the dust.
Happy Tuesday!