Wednesday, June 18, 2008

just because...

a page about my obsession with perfume.

A new layout of Chris and his "girlfriend" Justine. They sure are two peas in a pod. I just love the "Meistro Man." He is such a great kid...NEVER causing any problems and always so respectful of people and things. I just need to remind myself of this every now and again when I forget how limited he sometimes is when it comes to doing everyday mental or thinking tasks.

I know, it's been is out for summer! So, I've been a happy person. Seriously though, I need to get myself in gear and start to complete some projects. My major project for this summer is to purge and declutter my studio. It is FULL and I need some space. I figure once I am back from vacation, I will kick it in full gear and get things done around the house.

I leave tomorrow for GASC in Virginia. I am looking forward to three nights and days of scrapbooking, classes, shopping and just doing my thing! No men, no worries.

When I return on Sunday, I then need to get ready for our trip to Maine. I can't wait to see some moose. I am not sure why I love moose, but I do. Such cool animals. It should be a good week, especially if i get to take lots of moose photos.