Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happiness is a good friend... of my good friends, Aymee is coming over tomorrow to scrap the day away. We have lots to talk about, laugh about and share about...I am so looking forward to tomorrow and some girl time. It's so tough when you live in a house of men and testosterone.

Here's to hoping there is no rain so the "Prince" is at work tomorrow!

ETA: no scrapping tomorrow but instead, we are going to do some scrappy retail therapy. I think it's a good plan!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I can't stand him! He sure knows how to ruin a nice day and put a damper on family dynamics. It may be time for me to move on...I am so sad. My heart aches. Yes, my friends...I am speaking about my stepson, Julian. Eight years of pain and emotional drain. Is it time?

Saturday, July 18, 2009


MAJOR computer issues going on but I am now back...
Last weekend was fun! I actually went to a SB weekend for four days and three nights. I was able to complete fourteen LO's. That is a record for me. I worked all weekend long on ALASKA. It was so nice to have no responsibilities for the entire weekend. However, on my way there, I decided to stop at my local library. I got caught in a speed trap. miles over the speed limit and $151.50 later and I was on my way. Needless to say, I was a little p***ed off. I have no problem with a speeding ticket, but do have a problem when they set a trap right where the speed limit changes. And then to boot, they had about ten vehicles pulled over at this church. The "young" officers thought it was funny...laughing, smiling. That is what irked me. Their whole attitude about it! Anyway, I promise this week I will upload a few photos from ALASKA...just some beauty.

The eagle photo was taken in Alaska without a zoom lens. More about the eagle later...this LO was just a quick one...wanting to see how the photo would enlarge to a 5 x 7. I definitely want to do a special LO about our experience at Deep Creek and all the eagles that we saw up close and personal. It was such a neat experience and one that I will treasure...a highlight of our trip.