Sunday, September 20, 2009

another week gone by...

Well, week three down and it was hectic. Parent's night is under my belt and now it's on to GIEP's. I have two this week and then I need to schedule two more for revisions. I love my job, but I really dislike writing GIEP's. Now that I think about it, I don't dislike writing the GIEP, I dislike the forms...with the way technology is today, one would think the forms would work. Geesh, it takes me longer to make the form look professional than it does to write the GIEP. I just need to get through the week and then I am golden. Thursday's meeting will be the tough one. Say a prayer for me and wish me well.

Saturday was a fun day. I spent it at my LSS cropping from 8AM-10PM. I worked all day long on my Alaska album. I am getting closer to finishing, but not near done! To tell you the truth, I am not tired of the Alaska photos, but I am tired of trying to find paper to match the photos. It was great to see friends and just connect and laugh.

Today was the usual...groceries and laundry. Lighty ended up going for a long bike ride today to see his prince and buddy. No need for me to go with him. So, I didn't make the trek to Bloomsburg. No love loss there...and believe me, I am so not wanting the prince to come home for his Thanksgiving break. It's been just too peaceful here at the house.

So now it's off to prepare supper and then a full night's worth of GIEP writing and schoolwork. Have I said it often enough "I really dislike Sunday nights."

Here's to a smoothe night of writing goals, plenty of glasses of iced tea, and lots of breaks for my sanity.

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