Sunday, October 25, 2009

the weekly Sunday night post

Sunday night AGAIN and I have the blues AGAIN. We received a message on our voicemail Friday that our electricity will be shut off tomorrow so they can finally fix the line in our development. It has been an ongoing thing. We never know when we will be without power. This means no shower, no toilet and bedhead hair for the day. I plan to wake up extra early tomorrow in hopes that I can beat the shut off time.

It was a relaxing weekend. I didn't do much except the usual house stuff and laundry. Today I cooked off a pumpkin and then made homemade chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. I must say the house smelled good this afternoon.

I sure hope this week goes by quickly. I am tired of school right now, but it seems that most of the teachers are feeling this way. I think the district put way too much on our plates this year. I just wish I could get out of this funk.

So, here's to having electricity in the morning and a brisk, fall day without rain!

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Southernbelle said...

I've been sending you emails...did you get them? :)