Sunday, November 1, 2009

I need a vacation...

So, I decided I need a vacation. School is stressful. Lighty is working so much and is in the woods when he can find the time. The prince will soon be home for a break (and I so dread it). Chris is so sweet but my nerves have had enough of his slowness for right now. Lighty really dislikes any type of vacation unless it is nature oriented. I just want to have FUN. So, what better place to go than DISNEY. I am taking my mom and sister to Disney World in February for a week. We are going to see shows and parades, ride some rides and have a nice dinner every night. I am like a kid in a candy store. I can hardly wait. It should be a good time. Now, I am not a Disney freak, but what other place can a person go and just have FUN? So, that is what I did all weekend long...worked on our plans. We are staying at the Carribean Beach Resort, I got us a six day hopper pass, the dining plan and made all our dinner reservations and even booked our flight. We are good to go! So, my friends, I had good intentions to scrap this weekend, but instead, I had a magical weekend making reservations to go and see the mouse.

Here's to my Sunday night blues.

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Robin said...

Wahoo! That is very exciting!