Sunday, March 1, 2009

You know...

It's Sunday! I cannot believe another work week is just upon me. Why does time fly by so fast? When I was younger, my parents used to say that all the time, and I never understood what they meant by it. Now that I am older (and wiser???), I know exactly what they meant.

Saturday was a good day for me. I went to my LSS and got to crop for about two hours. I actually started a LO and completed it today. Then, I met up with a really good friend, Wendy for lunch. It was so good to see her. We chatted for a few hours and got to catch up with one another. I sure hope we don't let time slip by us again. I miss that girl.

Jules is home from college for his spring break. My stomach has been in knots, but so far, so good. It helps that I stay away from him. Actually, he has pretty much stayed in his room, laying across his bed watching TV. If it were me, I would be connecting with friends, seeing extended family. Whatever! I plan to be scarce on the homefront this week, thus hopefully, there will be no confrontations between the two of us. I do know this, the computer will be on lockdown mode all week.

Today I got up early, finished the laundry, went for groceries, and just relaxed. Supper is in the oven...cajun pasta chicken. It sure smells yummy.

So, not much else is new. I am ready for Tuesday. I am taking my sister to the Philadelphia Flower Show for an early birthday gift. It should be a fun day. I hope to take lots of photos and will give a full report about it. So my friends, until next time...


Southernbelle said...

Super super cute gf! LOVE this one! The tree totally rocks!

Yum! Can I come for dinner? LOL

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed meeting up with you too!

I love the layout - the tree is beautiful.

I am looking forward to seeing the photos from the flower show - I am sure you got some great shots.