Sunday, December 21, 2008

Introducing Mr. Arrogance...

Well, it's Sunday again. I cannot wait for Tuesday at 4:00. Then it's vacation baby! I will have a break until January 5th. It's time to relax, refresh and enjoy.

So anyway, let me introduce the youngest...Mr. Arrogant, but also known as the Prince of Palmyra, or sometimes Julian. He is arrogant, rude, stubborn, disrespectful, irresponsible, sneaky, dishonest and downright mean. Oh, I forgot to mention, he acts that way only towards me, his stepmother. To others he is quite the opposite. I am pretty sure it is because I "call him on the carpet" and am a black and white kind of grey area with me. He doesn't like that about me and hence, we butt heads all the time. That is OK with me as I do not want to replace his biological mother, just want the respect from him. I am frustrated, to say the least. I will stop there...

My gratitude list:
1. an electric blanket
2. Lighty
3. Chris
4. the ability and means to enjoy things in life
5. scrappy time
6. good friends
7. slippers

What is annoying me RIGHT now:
1. loud, LOUD snoring
2. Julian's can one have dirty underwear all over the floor for days and days?
3. knowing that I won't have a two hour late start

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Southernbelle said...

Hey gf! I hope these next two days will go by quick for you so you can have a break. Sorry to hear about Julian. He needs to be smacked upside the head! LOL. Just kidding! But seriously, how could he be mean to you??? I don't get that! I mean, I've met you in person. I feel like I know you. How could anyone be rude and mean to you? I just don't get it. Just try to take deep breaths and he will be back at school soon, right?!

I wanted to tell ya too that I nominated you for a blog award sista! Go to my blog to check it out. I was thinkin' of ya!

How did the baking go today? I bet your house smells yummy...maybe except for Julian's room! LOL. Mean Aymee! Quit that! Sorry gf! I'm still workin on gifts. Brandon and I leave for Bama tomorrow. I dread that drive!!!

Anyways, take care gf. Have a great day tomorrow! Love ya sista!