Sunday, March 16, 2008

Doing the Happy Dance...

I am HAPPY because:
1. I am no longer sick and am actually feeling good. I am still tired but that is because Lighty has been snoring and keeping me awake most of the night. Last night, the last time I glanced at the clock it said 3:50 AM. He doesn't seem to think it's a big deal!

2. I actually created a fun LO. I have spring fever so bad, so I had to use bright and happy colors on this LO. Bright is so not me on a LO as I normally stick to earth tones.
3. All the reservations are made for our trip to Maine this coming summer, not to mention I also booked my hotel rooms for GASC in Virginia and CKC in Valley Forge.
4. Julian is in his room working on his graduation project and presentation. That keeps him busy and the two of us away from one another. How much longer until he starts college?
5. I just bought a great book for scrapbooking called Designing with Recipes. It is full of inspiration. So, I think I will just go and cuddle with the electric blanket on high, read my new book and catch up on some sleep with a Sunday nap.


Sharon said...

What a great scrapbook page Michele!

Sharon (aka celticrafter)

cindy said...

I love the page. The shoes are great!

Diane said...

Really nice page...I am years behind in have inspired me to make a page.


1 Crafty Gal said...

This is such a fun page! Way to go SB!!! Sprin Fever over here too!!!

CJR said...

Love this layout (and love the shoes)! The bright colors really grab me! Thanks for the link to your blog - I love looking at everything!